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Number of students in IDF

Student ? PhD student ? Researcher ? Île-de-France is one of the biggest innovation hub in Europe

Covering Paris and its surroundings, the Île-de-France region is a benchmark for higher education and research. With ones of the most renowned schools in France,  it is the first worldwide investment destination for research and development.

The Schools

17 universities and 70 schools. The region has worldwide renowned establishments training students to the futuristic challenges such as transportation and environment.

The Companies

Gathering research organisms and private companies, Île-de-France is an excellence scientific and technical global hub,  similar  to the Silicon Valley.

The Culture

Paris and around abound of cultural treasures. You will find beautiful gardens, museums, iconic monuments, the famous Disneyland Paris, and one of the greatest gastronomy in the world.

The region helps you to make a difference today.

Glad to welcome international students and young workers, the region offers numerous services to make your journey easy in Île-de-France. Discover two of them.

My Île-de-Sciences

This service allows you to find easily places and professionals to share and exchange about sciences in Île-de-France.

Acc&ss network

Acc&ss provides  foreigners help for finding an accomodation, administration, culutral and leisure activites, learning french, and more.

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Global Area

With one of the biggest European air hub, the region is very attractive for the many innovative companies, schools and universities.

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Regional budget


In reply to the health crisis, the budget is committed to employment and education, innovation, research, ecology and solidarity.

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Renewable enrgy


By 2050, the goal is to strive for a 100% renewable energy and zero carbon emissions.

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World tourist region


From Paris to Versailles, Île-de-France is full of cultural and leisure activities, welcoming more than 50 million tourists in 2019.

Île-de-france welcomes you

Welcome to the students, PhD students, and researchers from the world !

The International University City of Paris gathers 5,800 accomodations. This large housing stock reflects the willingness of the Region to welcome and accompany the newcomers. On several universities, the Acc&ss network offers foreign students and researchers services to help them find accommodation, follow-up during administrative procedures and to discover French culture and language. 1/3 of foreign students coming to France choose Île-de-France for their studies. There are more than 700 courses in English in a lot of higher education institutions. The region is also prized by the world’s PhD students who represent 43.5% of PhD students in Île-de-France.

Île-de-france supports innovative projects

In 2020, 3 researchers were rewarded by the Health Innovative Award for their scientifical innovations.

Reward of the 1st prize in Health Innovation

The winner, Amanda Silva Brun, working on nano-medicine, was awarded a budget of 50,000€ for her researches.

The second and third ones, Alexandre Loupy and Raphaël Rodriguez, who study respectively graft mecanisms and cancer biology, have each received 25,000€ for bringing to light their discoveries. 


By 2050, 100% Renewable energy


John F. Kennedy (President of the USA)

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